Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson has teamed up with OK! to update you every week as she attempts to turn her partner Donny Osmond into a ballroom champion!

Welcome to week 10 of my blog, where I reveal how the competition became even more intense for me and Donny.
This week, there were nine couples left, and Donny and I knew we had to make an extra-special effort as it’s the first of two weeks of double eliminations. That’s right — tonight, two couples must leave the dance floor, and the same goes for next week. Of course, Donny and I are doing everything in our power not to be cut.

After our big moment last week, when we hit the top of the leader board with our Argentine tango, we had to step it up again Monday night. We performed the jitterbug and I’m sorry to have to say we stumbled in the dance, which probably lowered our score.


Those things happen sometimes. Carrie Ann mentioned the bobble, and Bruno Tonioli, Donny’s old friend (ha!), told us it was also a little tight and that he lost the timing. Still, we were relieved to get a total score of 24, very respectable for week 6.

I felt Donny displayed his showmanship once again — it gave him a chance to really ham it up. We just were put on notice that we’ll have to step it up even more if we’re voted through to next week. In the group mambo later in the night, Donny and I earned 7 points. Aaron, Mya, and Joanna scored higher, but we weren’t too disappointed — it was still an absolute blast to have all the couples dancing together on the floor at the same time.

It was a tough week of rehearsal because the jitterbug is such an energetic dance, a lot of jumping around and a few lifts. The energy level has to be up the whole time. We switched it up a little bit and had me lift Donny during the dance.

As you saw on the show, I teach dancing to people with Down Syndrome and Donny and I put a disco on for them on Sunday. The people at the event ranged in age from 3 to 51. Everybody had so much fun and Donny danced with the women and some of the men, too. They were showing Donny some jitterbug moves as well, which was really cute! They all got little DWTS mirror ball key chains to take home. It was really nice to get out of the studio and to give back to the community and see how much joy dance can bring everybody.



This week was also fun for me as my mom had flown in from Australia to start a three-week visit. She attended DWTS last Monday and we felt like she was our lucky charm as we got our highest score ever. Then we both flew to Las Vegas with Donny. I was working during the day and mom went shopping — you know how Vegas is, the hotels are designed to keep you there, so she just stayed in our hotel. Later in the week, I took her to see Wayne Newton’s show because she’s a huge fan.

Wayne, of course, danced with my friend Cheryl Burke one season on DWTS, and I lived in Wayne’s guest house when I was partnered on the show with another Vegas star, Penn Jillette. I became very good friends with Wayne and his family. Next week, I plan to take my mom to visit Wayne’s ranch.

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking my mom to see Donny’s show, which she adored. We also shot a segment for an upcoming December ABC special called Holiday of Stars. For the bit, I’m trying to buy Donny a Christmas present and mom got to be on camera for that, which was very exciting for her. I have the present, but can’t tell you what it is — it’s a surprise for Donny.

Well, that’s it for now. Keep your fingers crossed for us before the double elimination. Thanks again for all your votes and support!


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