Love is in the air for Lance Bass, who was thrilled to talk to OK! about his new man Pedro Andrade at the NYC premiere of Hairspray on July 16. ‘We like to go to dinners, to chill out and watch movies,’ the former *NSYNC star, 28, told OK! ‘I haven’t really seen him much. He’s a workaholic. We don’t really get to spend much time together. We just started dating, so it’s very new and fresh, which I love. I love the beginning of relationships.’ The Mississippi-born singer moved to the Big Apple this week to gear up for his role as Corny Collins in the Broadway production of Hairspray. Although rehearsals don’t begin until July 24, Lance has been busy practicing on his own.’I’m not nervous yet, but I will be. I’m just more excited because I love the City. I’ve never lived here before. It’s nice to submerge myself in a different culture. It’s such a small town, and there’s just amazing people.’Will he take any tips from James Marsden, who plays the role in the movie?’I think it’s going to influence the role a lot because I’ve never seen such a young take on the part before. Watching him in the movie is exactly the way I was imagining myself doing it. Very over-the-top, just smile. He does an incredible job. Who knew he could sing ? like amazing?’One more perk to life in NYC? Getting in shape, the self-confessed exercise avoider says. ‘Now that I’m living in New York, I have no excuse not to walk across the street and go to Equinox gym.’Won’t Pedro be pleased!By Valerie Nome Photo:

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