LeAnn Rimes, 25, and hubby Dean Sheremet, 26, have been married for five years and are constantly asked when they will be starting a family (which is also the name of her new album). Well, are they ready now?

“Eventually,” she tells me. “We really do want to. We’re trying to figure out when to fit it into our lives. My husband loves children, and so do I. We’ll start with one, and see where we go. But soon — soon enough.”

Would she encourage her child to get into showbiz after growing up in the limelight?

“If they have the ability, the gift and the talent, I would definitely encourage, support and develop that, as they are going through their childhood. For me, being in this business at such a young age, I know the good, the bad and the ugly, so I feel like I would want my kid to be at least 18 years old before they jump into this, just so they have a good base, a good foundation and they have their education, and they’re able to make decisions on their own. Not that at 18, you’re able to make great decisions on your own. Even being in this business and growing up as fast as I did — 18 was still a hard time. Hopefully with the support of us — good parents and a good upbringing — if they have the talent, I’ll definitely encourage it, but wait until they get older.”

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