While rap artist Dwayne Carter, more commonly known as Lil Wayne, still waits to be sentenced on prior weapon possessions charges, the singer had yet another run in with the law on Friday after a performance in Tex., but was lucky enough to be dropped of charges, E! Online reports.

“He was not charged by Border Patrol. He was referred to the Sheriff’s office,” Border Patrol representative Joe Trevino tells E! News on Saturday, “I’m not sure what happened—there has to be enough evidence to charge them, maybe there wasn’t,” E! Online cites.

Carter was originally taken in for questioning along with eleven of his friends on suspicion of possessing marijuana on two of his tour buses at a checkpoint along the border in Tex. according to E! Online.

TMZ further confirms Lil Wayne’s free pass according to his lawyer claiming that while many of the others involved did receive some form of reprimand, the rapper was not issued a citation.

In the meantime, Carter may have lucked out big time on this one, but still has a sentence pending on 2007 weapons charges to which he pled guilty to in October of 2009, TMZ reports.

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