Lindsay Lohan should stick to the day job – that’s the verdict of fashion experts at the actress’ debut collection for Paris fashion house Emanuel Ungaro.

After teaming up with Ungaro three weeks ago to create the Autumn/Winter collection with head designer Estrella Archs (pictured, left), Lindsay, the house’s creative director, told reporters it had been, “the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.

So how were the clothes? The collection of blazers and tight mini-dresses elicited a lukewarm applause when Lindsay, 23, and Estrella took to the runway after the Paris show, Oct. 4.

“We both love fashion, the different aspects, different generations, different styles from around the world, we like to mix everything up,’ Lindsay told reporters backstage in a joint interview with Archs.

The Mean Girls star also defended some controversial sparkling nipple pasties worn by some of the models, “It’s not good to show your nipples so they should be covered,” she said.

The critics panned the collection with the The Daily Telegraph‘s Hilary Alexander decrying, “there were some truly hideous fashion faux pas” and Women’s Wear Daily labeling the collection “an embarrassment”.

Meanwhile, in a strange fashion-meets-reality TV twist, Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige admitted to Fashion Wire Daily he was inspired to hire Lindsay after hearing Tim Gunn‘s evaluation of her appearance as the first judge of Project Runway‘s sixth season.

“His comments that she had a great sense of fashion and knew what works and doesn’t work, were pretty significant to me,” said Moufarrige. “To be complimented by someone like Tim Gunn was very impressive.”

So, how did Tim like working with Lindsay? “I was surprised and pleased by how extremely knowledgeable about fashion and articulate Lindsay Lohan was,” he gushed. “She’s very young and can be portrayed in ways that aren’t altogether flattering, and she was a true statesperson and really weighed in on the designers and what they were doing exceptionally well. And it was really a thrill to have her.”

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