Lindsay Lohan is making her way to the small screen… But it’s not what you think.

Despite arguing against it, the actress will be taped when she gives her deposition in the lawsuit surrounding a 2-year-old auto accident.

The incident dates back to October 2005 when the actress allegedly crashed her Mercedes into a van driven by Raymundo Ortega. It was later determined by police investigators that Ortega likely caused the crash by making an illegal u-turn. Regardless, Ortega has filed suit against the actress, who recently spent a whopping 84 minutes in prison for her 2007 DUI arrests, for $200,000 in damages.

La Lohan’s lawyer David J. Ozeran expressed his concern over videotape of his client’s  deposition being leaked. “If a single picture of Ms. Lohan can sell for thousands of dollars,” he claimed, ”a videotape of the deposition will undoubtedly sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or more.”

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