Sources are telling OK! that not only has Christian Bale finally been confirmed in the role of John Connor in the upcoming Terminator film, but that Spanish actor Javier Bardem is also in consideration for a primary role.

The 38-year-old Oscar nominee has already had some action-film success this year with his chilling performance as a cold-blooded killer in the current Coen Brothers film No Country for Old Men, so making the leap from the indie screen to a big Hollywood blockbuster might be the next step.

Meanwhile, the other night OK! spies spotted Christian Bale sitting in a corner table at celeb-filled L.A. restaurant Il Sole, hoisting a celebratory toast between the Welsh Batman star, the film’s director McG and Hollywood movie men Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson, whose film company The Halcyon Company owns the rights to the Terminator films.

The new film, tentatively titled Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, will feature Christian in the role of John Connor, previously played by Edward Furlong and Nick Stahl, is intended to be the first in a trilogy that producers hope will revive the series. Of course, Christian is no stranger to breathing life into a forgotten franchise, having resuccitated Batman in 2005’s Batman Begins, a role he’ll reprise in next summer’s Heath Ledger co-starring sequel The Dark Knight.

Rumors had swirled that everyone from Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg to Vin Diesel were up for the role but sources tell OK!, “Vin was never considered.” Although the role of the Terminator, notoriously played in past films by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is still up for grabs, we hear the Governator himself will be making a cameo appearance.

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