Prepare to be jealous, Hayden Panettiere fans: One of the cheerleader’s Heroes co-stars was at the other end of quite a steamy makeout scene recently, and she doesn’t mind talking all about it! “Everyone loved that!” Madeline Zima, who plays Gretchen, dished to OK!. “It’s so funny because I live the most non-scandalous life and I always tend to get these scandalous scenes! It’s bizarre.”

Madeline’s not shy about revealing exactly what anyone with a crush on Hayden wants to know — was she a good kisser?

“Oh yes, of course,” Madeline revealed at Thursday night’s BAFTA/L.A. Britannia Awards in L.A.  ” She’s got great lips!”

Such an intense scene must require a lot of preparation, and OK! wanted to know if the twosome put in some extra “rehearsal time.”

“No, I don’t even think you can do that,” admits Madeline. “Unless you’re already in a relationship with somebody that you’re working with, you can’t be, like, ‘Hey, let’s go practice,’ because it seems, like, creepy,” she explains. “So we didn’t do that, we just trusted that we both could do it and that we’d done it before so hopefully we could kiss.”

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