At the press conference for Mandy Moore’s new film Dedication, the actress (looking stunning as always) had a tendency to stare off into space, seemingly deep in thought, when someone in the audience wasn’t addressing her directly. I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the second row, and I caught her eyes frequently drifting toward the window, as if in a dream world. Granted, the view — overlooking a long, snaking line of folks waiting to get to the Statue of Liberty — was sweet. Even stars can daydream, right? She looked stunning as always, and when she was questioned, whew!, was she “on.”
So, in light of all the Lindsays, Parises and others in her world, how has Mandy managed to avoid becoming a troubled starlet?
“Honestly, I have no interest in living my private life in a very public way,” Mandy said. “I love what I get to do, and I wouldn’t want to put myself in any position that would jeopardize that. I have a good family, I have great friends, I have a great support system that keeps me sane and grounded.”

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