Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will be showing their six-month-old twins to the world with style. They landed a Barbara Walters 20/20 special for the occasion!

Mariah and Nick will be sitting down with Barbara for a special 20/20 interview about their marriage, struggles to get pregnant and how parents is going now to their son Moroccan and daughter Monroe.

“Roc and Roe” were born on April 30, which was also Mariah and Nick’s third wedding anniversary.

In a preview clip for the special, the new parents share some of Mariah’s weird pregnancy cravings.

“She did have cravings. The thing that we always would share together would be Big Gulp slurpees from 7/11.”

“The cherry,” Mariah added. “The red flavor. I just wanted like thirst-quenching things. I didn’t even care about the food really.”

“Or candied apples too — early on,” Nick said adding that it was hard to find them at two in the morning!


The 20/20 special airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET!

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