Matt Damon is already a successful actor, and now the star of The Informant! is trying his hand at writing in an attempt to get more people involved in charitable causes. Matt’s original article on the importance of giving will appear in next Sunday’s Parade, as part of their 2009 America’s Giving Challenge kick-off.

In the article, Matt discusses his travels and the time he’s spent helping others, while encouraging everyone to become involved with a charitable cause.

Matt covers his trips to Africa, India and Haiti the past few years and writes of his experiences viewing what living conditions were like there.

“You can read about extreme poverty and possible solutions, but it’s really powerful when you get to meet the people and shake their hands and listen to their stories,” Matt explains in the article.

Not sure where to start? Matt admits there is so much need in the world that it’s hard to decide where you should devote your time to, but urges everyone to do their research and help.

“I’ve been very lucky in my life, but even the average American lives in a way that is almost unthinkable to a couple of billion people in the world,” Matt writes. “There’s an unbelievable imbalance. I think it’s incumbent on all of us to do what we can to mitigate other people’s pain. There are so many ways you can help.”

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