Just because she has long dark hair, sexy red lips and a smoldering attitude doesn’t mean Megan Fox wants to be Angelina Jolie. And frankly, she’s sick of the comparison.

“I think it’s cause she has tattoos really, I think a lack of creativity on the media’s part,” Megan explains to Pop Tarts.

“I am a brunette with tattoos, I curse and I have made mention of sex before. I joked about it which people find outrageous so they want to constantly compare that to her,” she says. “You know Shia [LaBeouf] is the new Tom Hanks, Rihanna is the new Beyonce. Everybody is the new somebody although none of us are any of those people so you just walk around with it you live with it.”

And if you don’t believe Megan that the two are different, just ask Angie’s own dad, Jon Voight.

“Megan is herself and Angelina is herself. No one is comparable; everyone in the world is unique,” Jon said at the recent Transformers premiere in L.A. “That’s the great thing about it, but of course they’re two very beautiful women.”

Well, duh.

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