Pining after that Dior invite but stuck drooling at the door? Hunting for that rare Jackson Pollock for less than a pretty penny? Or perhaps your terrier just needs a glam squad makeover? Even if your needs are more, ahem, pedestrian like scoring sold out Stones ticks or finding the perfect gift for the boss, Quintessentially concierge service allows even the most mundane to join the A-list. (Which is not to say that you couldn’t possibly find Madonna or Gwynnie on their member roster, but in true class they’re mum’s the word!)

Doors open and the velvet ropes part with this dreamy company, which quashes the $75-100K personal assistant fee one would typically pay for its services. (Think major hotel discounts, car service in cities worldwide, access to elusive wines, private residential estates, concert tickets and art for a mere $1800 per year.)

Clearly with Quintessentially’s little black card, you can kiss life’s dirty work goodbye! And after all, why not let someone else handle the little annoyances of life?

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