Ashton Kutcher is no longer the only twin Mila Kunis gets to love! It turns out that the two not only are expecting one other child — they are also having twins!

A source told OK! exclusively, “She told friends that Ashton cried” after the huge reveal. “He’s hoping for boys, but no matter their gender, twins are icing on the cake for them. They’ve always wanted a big family.”

The couple already has little Wyatt, and it sounded like both were more than enthusiastic about having more playmates for her. Mila, 32, said in May, “having a kid made me realize how incredibly selfless I wanted to be. [It] reprioritized by life, in all honesty.”

But having their twins wasn’t as easy as they had hoped, and they even “considered IVF after months of trying with no luck,” said the insider. Fortunately, after “weighing their options,” she got pregnant!

And despite the end of Ashton’s marriage to Demi Moore in 2013 after eight years together, the love is still there. Both he and Mila want Demi and Bruce Willis  to be godparents for their twins! Demi and Bruce have three kids together and “they taught Ashton a lot about how to raise good kids.”

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