Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth recently put their wedding on hold, but the couple may be having more issues than cold feet!

An insider told exclusively that Miley is fed up with Liam for his latest attitude of “all play, no work!”

According to our insider, Hemsworth is bummed out that his most recent film Independence Day bombed at the box office and has been “wallowing in self-pity” at their Malibu home ever since.

“All he wants to do is go surfing and play his PlayStation,” says a close pal. “Miley can’t peel him away, she’s at her wit’s end. It’s driving her crazy.”

Cyrus has been encouraging her fiancé to get back on the horse with a better —and more bankable — film project. But the source said Hemsworth has completely put his career to the side because he’s taken a real hit to his confidence with the latest film flop.

“Scripts are – thankfully – still being sent his way, but they sit unopened on the kitchen bench,” the insider said. “Miley’s a veteran and warns him that fame can be fleeting in this industry and he needs to take every opportunity that comes his way.”

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