Despite the challenges of motherhood, Minnie Driver is ready for more kids.

“Hell yeah,” the British actress, 39, whose movie Motherhood is out now, tells me. “I want more. I’ve gotta work this year, and then I really want to have more kids.”

Since son Henry, 13 months, was born, her life has changed completely.

“Making these really important choices on extraordinarily little amounts of sleep is the most challenging part,” she tells me. “It’s hardcore. Protecting your newborn baby, being able to feed them, being able to feed yourself, being able to keep the clothes clean, being able to keep the place clean … it’s really challenging when you’re sleeping for maybe two-hour increments and then waking up and breastfeeding. Well, I was. It was hardcore. The first year is not for the faint of heart, but it’s amazing.”

What’s the most rewarding?

“To see that face in the morning looking at me and reaching his arms up and saying ‘mama’ like you’re his own personal rainbow. It’s pretty amazing.”

Being a mom keeps Minnie in the moment.

“I learned you have to be incredibly present, and you mustn’t miss anything,” she says. “You have to pay close attention because these babies change on an hour-to-hour basis.”

What’s his latest milestone?

“Him being born – like coming out of my body – was certainly the biggest milestone of my life,” she laughs. “And obviously his to date. He’s walking, he’s trying to say a few words, he snuggles with the dog. He’s a piece of heaven.”

Her little guy is talking up a storm.

“Mama was his first word, Dada, then ‘tar’ – which is guitar,” she says. “And Bubba, which is the dog. And now he blows kisses at the ladies in the supermarket. He’s a big flirt. Big blue eyes, big white blond head of hair. He’s very handsome.”

Minnie has never gone public with the father of her son, but has said “he’s sort of in the same business.”

Motherhood is in theaters now.

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