Your favorite shows, broken down by OK!’s Joyce Eng and the TV Fanatic


How I Met Your Mother: “Let me start by saying that any show that mentions tennis in any sort of way automatically goes down as, for lack of a better word, an awesome episode in my book. As a diehard tennis freak, it absolutely tickled me to watch Barney and Marshall opt to battle it out for Wii Wimbledon glory over a night at Maclaren’s with the on-the-prowl and suited-up Ted. But it all worked out for our narrator, who brought two gals back upstairs: Trudy (Danica McKellar), his one-night stand in the first season’s “The Pineapple Incident” (“Dammit, Trudy, what about the pineapple?!”) and Rachel (Busy Phillips), her long-lost Kappa sis and the bitch who stole Lily’s boot of choice earlier that day. With the Tricycle Belt, a resplendent wrestling belt, on the line, Ted has trouble closing until the Barnacle, who has ridden a ten-wheeler but not a tricycle, discovers his meaning in life is to coach his buddy through the biggest night in his life that would take place in Marshall and Lily’s bed. Umm, okay. Meanwhile, Robin got thrown a disposable B-plot that found her in an unshaven predicament, not unlike Ross’ leather pants situation on Friends, except less funny. And, oh yeah, Ted totally did it.” — Joyce

The Bachelor: “Brad asks his twin brother, Chad, to pretend to be him and talk to the girls to see which ones realize that Chad is an imposter. Thank god this wasn’t a soap opera. Sarah or Lindsey, who didn’t catch on to the ruse, would have slept with Chad thinking it was Brad, gotten pregnant with his baby and when the child turned 18 (about two years later in soap years), would have revealed she knew Chad wasn’t really Brad all along, and she meant to knock boots with him. Though I was pleased that most of the girls did call foul, it was kind of stupid for Brad to think these girls, even if they realized that something was off, would have said it. After all, they are trying to win Brad’s affection, not accuse him of a switch and bait (which I’m so sure Brad and Chad have done over girls in the past!). They’ve known Brad now for what, two weeks? Sorry Brad, but she’s just not that into you yet. Except for Hillary. I can’t believe that she cried about already being so in love with Brad, and he actually gave her a rose! I’m totally going to try that tactic on my next third date.” — TV Fanatic

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