Wow, today’s been a whirlwind. I left an event in Toronto this morning at 2:30am to go back to the hotel, work a bit and pack before my car arrived at 4am to take me to the airport. I transcribed an interview tape (and finished reading Harry Potter) on the plane, landed in NYC at 7:45am and driver waiting (thank god for small favors), got in the car, read the New York Post (which I sorely missed while away) and headed to the office to close pages – because we go to print every Monday.

It’s now nearly 8pm and I’m surfing through the phases of over-tiredness that lead to delirium, kind of like an experiment in sleep deprivation- but nothing that I haven’t done to myself before, or that can’t be remedied before I interview Mrs. Tori Spelling in about 15 hours.

Toronto was a successful trip. I got to ask George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn questions, got to explore a new city (well, the ten blocks that separated my hotel from the Four Seasons), and hang out with some cool people – though, in keeping with every film festival I have ever attended, again, despite my best intentions, I didn’t see a single film! Who has time?

Last night was fun. After a brief interview with Larry King–where his wife told me in graphic detail how she and Larry recently celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary- from the rose petals and candles to the trench coat and lingerie- I went to a cocktail party at the Variety/AMC Film Lounge for Stephen Dorff’s film “The Passages” that he was premiering at the festival.

I’d honestly never thought a whole lot about Stephen Dorff one way or another. I try not to judge, but gotta admit my expectations weren’t very high. I’m friendly with Jeremy Piven and remember the night at Bungalow 8 when the two of them had a confrontation and I just never took him as a warm, fuzzy kind of guy.

I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised and he was actually quite cool – and lookin’ good. His dad Steve was with him, also a cool guy who I’ve since learned is an emmy-nominated composer. Steve lives in LA where he said he talks to Stephen every day and they usually meet for dinner once a week. I come from a close family whose parents have been married 30+ years and am such a daddy’s girl who speaks to my dad more or less every day too, so I thought this was definitely positive points towards his character.

Stephen’s been in an upswing work-wise. He’s previously appeared in more than 30 music videos, including Britney Spears 2004 single “Everytime,” and said in a few days he too has to shave all his hair off for a film role based on a true story of a guy who gets sentenced to a tough prison because of a self-defense murder and has to do it as a measure to fit in. He seemed really passionate about the project.

But, for anyone who thinks about dating Dorff, be forewarned, you’ve got a couple of girls to get through first. While gushing about his two half sisters, eight and ten, he said, “But when I have girls come over to the house, they’ll take the girl upstairs and say, ‘We think you should know that he has lots of girlfriends.’ I tell them that I don’t, but they still tell the girls that I do.” Isn’t it usually the other way around? The older brother protective over the younger sister and warning the guys that try to date them? I guess these girls have quite a few years before theire now 34-year-old big bro has to prepare to assume that role.

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