Justin Timberlake knows how to get a party started.

“His whole gig is like a party,” Natasha Bedingfield says of the superstar’s concert. “It’s like a big party. He had a tequila shot before he went on and it was just crazy.”

The 25-year-old opened for Justin on his FutureSex/LoveShow tour this summer and relished every moment of it. “I take a camera around with me everywhere and film everything behind the scenes.

While he made a party out of his concerts, the start wasn’t like that off-stage with gal pal Jessica Biel, Natasha says.

“They didn’t go out partying that much. His gig was like a party. But I really did like Jessica Biel as well. She was kind of cool.”

As for herself, Natasha is putting the finishing touches on her new album, which will be out by the New Year, while her single “Love Like This” hits radio.

One song that’s still on the airwaves — in radio and TV — is, of course, The Hills anthem, “Unwritten,” an honor Natasha is still proud of.

The Hills is one of the most popular shows at the moment and for any writer, if a show picks up and has your song as their theme song, it’s definitely a good thing.”

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