Natasha Bedingfield enjoyed life on the road with Justin Timberlake.

“It was amazing,” she says. “He is so dedicated with fans. His whole gig is like a party. It’s like a big party. He had a tequila shot before he went on and it was crazy. I enjoyed meeting all those people. He’s actually much nicer than you’d think because he’s got such a star thing about him. When you meet him offstage, he’s really down-to-earth and friendly.”

Did she get to hang out with he and his girlfriend?

“They didn’t go out partying that much. His gig was like a party. But I really did like Jessica Biel as well. She was kind of cool.”

What’s something Natasha has to have on the road?

“The only thing I’m diva-ish about is having a gym in my hotel and getting enough sleep,” she says. “Eight hours of sleep I need to get; otherwise I turn into a monster.”

Natasha’s sophomore album is due in 2008.

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