Robert Pattinson is losing his touch. He may inspire a blind devotion in his fans, but members of New Moon‘s wolf pack are so hot that Twi-hards are making themselves physically sick around the hairy hunks.

“I’ve had fainters,” Alex Meraz, who plays hot-tempered werewolf Paul, told reporters at the American Music Awards last night, “You know, I’ve had fans faint.

“I did [an appearance] in Miami and we had, like, three girls who threw up because they were screaming so loud for us! I was like, ‘wow’ I didn’t even know that was physically possible. That’s when you know you made it!”

Asked how he copes with crazed fans he jokes, “with a stick!”

But he adds, “they’re so respectful. They come out and they’re so respectful of me being wherever I’m at.

“So it’s pretty fun and I just try to include them in everything I do. You know, with my Tweet. I Tweet around. I have a really big family now.”

With the opening weekend numbers in, Alex, 24, is proud of the movie’s box office blitz. “I think that with the $140 million dollars that this film has made in the past week, well, it’s rewarding.

“I’m very grateful that the fans have come out in droves to watch, and that we’ve had newer fans.”

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