OK! asked for the Ultimate Superfan, and Twilight fans across the globe answered! It wasn’t an easy decision, but after combing through Twi-hard entries from all over the globe and reading heartfelt admissions of love, devotion and general fanaticism, we narrowed it down to one fan to hold the title of okmagazine.com’s Ultimate Twilight Superfan… Nichole Hampshire, 25, from Moses Lake, Wash.!
“I fell in love with Twilight from the books and the incredible love story!” writes Nichole. “I have gone through so many crazy trips just to engulf myself in the world of Twilight.”

Nichole tells OK! that she traveled to Vancouver in April to catch New Moon filming, and went back twice in September while Eclipse was filming.

“I found set locations that some Vancouver residents were unable to locate and even watched live filming in Capaliano Park,” she reveals.

Nichole’s also been lucky enough to meet Jackson Rathbone — whose band, 100 Monkeys, she’s seen three times — as well as Xavier Samuel (Riley in Eclipse) and Ashley Greene.


Nichole says her friends think she’s crazy for all the Robert Pattinson pictures in her iPhone, as well as her Edward Cullen phone skin. She loves Twilight so much, her 25th birthday party had a totally Twilight theme, “featuring Italian food, vampire cupcakes, tons of Twilight decorations and bloody Bella drinks.”

“For Halloween I dressed as a vampire complete with black contacts and a Cullen crest necklace,” adds Nichole, who is planning a Breaking Dawn-related tattoo next.

“I can literally say I live and breathe Twilight and no matter if I win this competition my love for it will not die and my trips will not end, but if you want a true Twi-fan, Twi-hard or Twi-freak pick me, I will not disappoint!”

Congratulations, Nichole, and thanks to everyone else who entered!

Nichole will receive an OK! gift pack, including a free download of the New Moon soundtrack, a Burger King New Moon set, a copy of Robsessed and more!

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