This high-larious new comedy called The Rumperbutts follows the lives of a financially strapped married indie band duo (Kori Gardner and Josh Hammel) who are forced to put their career on hold in favor of taking on the jobs as the main characters of a children’s show.

Unfortunately, their relationship crumbles due to the resentment towards their roles on the children’s new hit show, The Rumperbutts.

Along the way the struggling indie pop duo, played by real life couple and Mates of State bandmates Kori Gardner and Josh Hammel, run into an unusual character by the name of Richie (Silicon Valley’s Josh Brener) who leads them on a magical journey in hopes of helping the struggling musicians rediscover their love for one another.

The dynamic duo that make up Mates of State, Kori and Josh, enjoyed taking their first jump from musical artists to actors.

Kori tells OK! Magazine: “Everyone is going to think that this film is a reflection of our lives, but it’s not! It is about a couple that plays music together and they were at this point in their lives that they were given a chance to sellout and be this ridiculous children’s band.

“It mimics our lives, but is not our real life story.”

Josh adds, “We were initially going to write the Mates of State story, but ended up not having enough time to meet up with director Mark Brener to flesh out its entirety. Plus, we are only half way through out Mates of State story so this seemed like the best option at the time.

“Being able to work with real-ife actors such as Josh Brener in this capacity was incredible. We really learned a lot about acting and might consider a future in the craft!”

Watch OK! Magazine’s exclusive clip of The Rumperbutts:

Catch The Rumperbutts is in theaters now!

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