Hugh Hefner‘s Girls Next Door opened up their home to OK! in the latest issue to share with us their Christmas plans and rituals. Holly Madison, 28, Bridget Marquardt, 34, and Kendra Wilkinson, 22, are gearing up for another Christmas at the Playboy Mansion and for big plans ahead… including children!

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Bridget, are you a big fan of Christmas decorations?

Bridget: Yes! I have a village up in my room and a Christmas tree. Mine has different neighborhoods [laughs]. I have the Grinch village, and then I have a regular North Pole type of thing and a little bit of Dickens and a little bit of pop culture, with a Krispy Kreme and a Campbell’s Soup place.

How long did it take for you to put together?
Bridget: It took a couple of years of asking for them to be gifts and everything to acquire the village that I have today.

Holly, you’ve decorated a huge gingerbread house. Why?
Holly: Well, I love all kinds of holiday crafty stuff, and we have so many guests here, I love to make things that we can kind of share with everybody. And this is just awesome. The kitchen staff made it for me to resemble the Mansion. It’s shaped just like the Mansion, and I’m excited to decorate it. Hopefully, it will make sense when I’m done with it. I made a gingerbread house last year so I’m trying to do an even better job this year.

Do your parents spend Christmas here?
Holly: No, they haven’t been here for Christmas. But they’re welcome if wanna come.

Kendra: My family usually comes up on Christmas Eve. But then they go back down [to San Diego] instead of my grandpa coming up. He doesn’t come up here. He’s not really all into this stuff. But my mom and my grandma love it. They’re very supportive.

Will you be cooking?
Bridget: The preparing of the meal, we have a five star kitchen, and they do all of that. But I do want to bake some cookies this year, just to keep in the theme of things and make it feel like it’s Christmas for me. I love sugar cookies for Christmas. I feel like
there’s no other cookie for Christmas.

Holly, why did you decorate the main Christmas tree in a Disney theme?
Holly: I am obsessed with Disney and I love Disneyland. Every year they have the best Christmas ornaments and every year they come out with new ornaments, so I’ve been collecting those for a number of years. And I have tree decorating down to a science. It has a special color scheme and I love all my ornaments and I know exactly where they go and everything. So this year I had my friend help me and we get it done really, really fast. If I were to do it by myself, it would probably take a whole day, but with my friend’s help it took five hours.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever been given?
Holly: Sometime I’ll get things that have real fur. And I’m like, “I don’t wear real fur!” I give it away.

How soon after the holidays do you get back on your workout regime?
Bridget: On Thanksgiving morning I went on a hike with my sister, and the next day I was on a hike. I’ll do the same for Christmas! It’s kind of nice to get out on a holiday like that and just go for a hike. There’s something really liberating and out of the box in it for me.

You must encounter lots of men who are attracted to you. How do you
deal with it?

Kendra: If I see a really hot guy, of course I’m gonna look. Or course I’m gonna wink. [Laughs]. We’re not allowed to date, of course. We all love Hef and everything, but we realize that things are starting to become more Hef and Holly. I’ll be honest with you,
it’s kind of confusing to me how it’s becoming more of Holly and Hef. We’re still here, we’re still still part of Playboy and Girls Next Door. But in a way I don’t get it right now. I’m kind of confused with the way things are right now, and where we stand. I love guys. I will never stop loving guys.

Does your love for guys, and the fact that you’re not number one in your relationship with Hef makes things difficult?
Kendra: I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. I’m 22 years old. I still have my whole sex life ahead of me. [Laughs] I still have a lot of sex years ahead of me. But all girls need is a f-ing vibrator.

Do you feel good about moving out if Holly and Hef marry?
Kendra: No. [Holly enters room] I’d be very happy. That would be great. [Holly exits room] I love Hef and I love being here. I know I won’t be here forever. I’d be very happy for them and I’d be happy that Holly gets what she wants. We’ll have to see, because we
all know what happened before. He got tied up and didn’t have any other girlfriends. Will he care more about the wife and kids, or will he concentrate more on the business?

What’s the fan attention like now, with the show being a hit?
Bridget: It’s definitely increased. Going out in public now, we get recognized most of the time, whereas before it was kind of hit and miss. Now it seems like more of a definite, so I always think I might want to put on some makeup or do something with my hair — or wear really big glasses [when I go out].

Have you had any crazy fan experiences?
Bridget: I’ve have people see me driving down the street and flip around and follow me and be screaming out the car.

How much longer do you think you’ll continue on with Girls Next

Bridget: We’re currently negotiating for season five right now, which they want to start filming in March. After that, I’m kind of ready to go do some spin-offs or something. I kind of want to host a show, maybe like a makeover-style show, like Playboy makeovers — that type of thing. Not necessarily surgery related, but taking a girl from some random town, see what she does there — how she dresses, how she does her hair, what her life is like — and then bring her to LA and then have fashion people and the makeup artists say, “You need this, this and this!” And she can get a tan and eyelashes and teeth whitening and things like that.

What else would you like to do?
Bridget: I really wanna host my own show. That’s what I wanna do. But if somebody wanted me to be in a horror movie, I would love to star in a horror movie. Not because I want to be an actress but just because I love horror movies. I have a good scream!

Holly: I really wanna do a spin-off about the Playboy studio where I work, because we have so many awesome girls come through there that are really fun characters. I think that would be an awesome show. I would love to produce it and come up with plot ideas and help with the casting. It would be fun.

Kendra: I want to open my own gym. I’m thinking about having DJs come in and spin for classes and stuff. And have special appearances by famous trainers. We could have a house day, a hip-hop day and have different trainers train you how to f-ing dance to this type of music. We are planning on the gym right now. I never promise myself anything, but I’m working hard at it, and I have a lot of ideas. And I also have a clothing line coming out. It’s gonna be a juniors line. It’s gonna be called the Kendra Collection. I was gonna come out with one a while ago, but it didn’t really follow through. So I’ve paired up with the owner of Sheiki jeans and we’re gonna be partners on my line… I’m just trying to get whatever I can. Us three, we’re not rich. We don’t come from rich families. Just because we live in this mansion we’re not rich. We have to work for our f-ing money. We don’t get things handed to us, like everybody thinks we do. We work our asses off… I’m very thankful for everything that’s come out of this. Where would I be without all of this?

Holly, you once told OK! that a date for marrying Hef was near. Have you set a date?
Holly: I think I must have been on happy pills that day. I don’t know! Not that everything’s not already planned. I know what they’ll be wearing for bridesmaids dresses and stuff, but you’ve got to ask Hef.

And what about having children together?
Holly: You know, I turn 28 in December, so I really need to have kids soon. People say it’s young, but it’s better to have kids before you’re 30 as a female, just healthwise. Ideally, I’d love to have three girls, but one would be enough for me too.

Have you spoken to Hef about it?
Holly: Yeah, we’ve talked about it, but whether it’s possible or not, we’ll see.

Are you concerned about what marriage and children would do for the current structure of the house?
Holly: Yeah, but I think eventually… Kendra and Bridget have a lot that they wanna accomplish in life and different things they wanna do. They’re very talented and have a lot of things going on.

What will you doing for New Year’s Eve?
Having a party at the Mansion. It’s actually the most mellow party. It’s really fun. It’s great because Bridget’s family’s coming up, and my family is coming up. It’s very mellow and warm. It’s a huge party, but there’s so many other parties going on New Year’s Eve so people kind of come for two seconds and then goes. Everybody has ADD on New Year’s Eve. It’s fun though.

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