When you combine the powers of TV’s most hilarious couple — Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live and her hubby, Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett — you know you’re in for a good time.

“It was literally like a four-hour stand-up routine!” says one lucky person from the set of Amy & Will’s photo shoot for their upcoming Gap ad. “They were absolutely hysterical.”

Since the ads, which also feature The Office‘s John Krasinski and James Marsden of X-Men and Superman Returns fame, are holiday themed, the Poehler-Arnetts got in the mood by discussing their plans for this year.

“We do what we always do — we rent a private jet and go up and then we call all our single friends and we say ‘ha ha, how does it feel to be alone at Christmas’ and then we dump jet fuel into the ocean — but only where there are endangered species.”


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