Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin’, and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it’s time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It’s better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?

Here are some things to know today:

Fame Flynet
Fame Flynet

Apparently Kim Kardashian has a trainer and a chef traveling with her on Kanye’s tour. (People)

The Tatum family took a beach vacation. SO CUTE! (Us Weekly)

Lizzy Caplan tells Chelsea Handler about her drunken experience on True Blood. (E!)

Did Julie Andrews watch Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music? Nope! Find out why! (Perez Hilton)

Everything you need to know about the top 25 videos on Youtube. (Entertainment Weekly)

Happy Birthday, Hailee Steinfeld! Make sure to tell the star how stylish she really is in a thoughtful tweet. (Twitter)

Get the scoop on Leonardo DiCaprio’s most memorable partying snapshots from 2013. (PopSugar)

Sofia Vergara says she loves making money, but doesn’t spend away! (MSN)

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