The final three is set. The floor is polished. The routines
are prepared. But the dances have yet to come. OK! breaks down the
remaining trio of celebs who will lay it all line in tonight’s Dancing With the
performance finale.

Marie Osmond & Jonathan Roberts
They Might Win Because:
Fans and sympathy. Ten weeks ago, no one — the Osmonds
and Osmond fans notwithstanding — would have predicted Marie to be in the
finale, but alas, here she is and with a real chance to take home the top prize.
A dark horse, the 48-year-old has a dead lock on the sympathy vote. Coupled
with her father’s death, son’s rehab stint, her dramatic weight loss, startling
faint and colossal fan base, Marie has created a true human interest tale on
the show and at this point, it’s hard not to pencil her in to at least the
final two.

But Then Again…: There’s a bit of anti-Marie backlash. No need to beat around the bush — it’s
no secret Marie isn’t technically one of the best three, let alone the best,
dancers left. Everyone from fans to the judges and fellow pros have admitted to
this, most recently with Maksim Chmerkovskiy declaring, “Frankly, I think there
were a lot of other people better than Marie.” Her survival week after week has
angered many, so will they muster up to take her down?

OK!’s Odds: 3-1; Marie’s had an amazing run, but it might only be good enough for second place.

Melanie Brown & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
They Might Win Because: Skill. With a dance background, Mel is the most
proficient and “natural,” as Maks calls her, dancer left — and it shows. Scary
Spice has the judges on her side, racking up four perfect 30s along the way,
including two last week, for a perfect 60. There’s no reason to think more big
numbers aren’t to come.

But Then Again…: There’s been a lack of rehearsal time. With the Spice Girls reunion
tour looming (it kicks off Dec. 2 in Vancouver),
Mel has been working her booty off with the girls at the expense of her
rehearsal time with Maks. “Her practice schedule is 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with the
Spice Girls — no breaks — and then she’s practicing with me from 7 to probably
7:45!” Maks joked to OK!. Their total rehearsal is more like two hours, but
their dances haven’t suffered from it… yet. And then there’s the question of her
own fan base — Mel and Maks found themselves in the bottom two in week four.
Can the M&M fans overtake the Osmond fans?

OK!’s Odds: 2-1; It’s a close race, but we’re picking the Spice Girl to take it all.

Helio Castroneves & Julianne Hough
They Might Win Because: Charm and history. Just like Will Ferrell in Elf,
smiling is Helio’s favorite. As the last man standing, the IndyCar champ raced to the top with his killer ear-to-ear grin and overflowing charisma and
not to mention his athletic drive for perfection. DWTS has been kind to male
athletes — the past two victors were three-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith and Olympic speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno — and
Helio can continue the trend. Plus, he has the reigning pro champion as his
partner, who has produced flashy choreography every week.

But Then Again…: What about Helio’s lack of name recognition? Everyone knows the Osmonds and the Spice Girls, but Helio Castroneves? While Emmitt and Apolo received much fanfare during their heyday for the former and the Olympics for the latter, the same can’t be said for Helio and his niche sport. Many raised an eyebrow when he was announced as a contestant and the casual viewer may still not know who he is, which possibly means a small fan base as well. And we all know how important that is.

OK!’s Odds: 5-1; Look for this couple to enjoy the bronze medal tomorrow night.

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