TV titan Oprah Winfrey is always open with her fans about what she’s up to and what new fads she loves. So when she read the book Quantum Wellness, it was no surprise that she asked the author, conscious-living counselor Kathy Freston, to appear as a guest on her show. Oprah announced to Freston and her millions of viewers that she was going to start the 21-day cleanse described in the book, and blog about it on

What is it?

The 21-day detox that Freston mentions in Quantum Wellness consists of giving up sugar, alcohol, gluten, caffeine and animal products. According to her, by doing this you are lightening the workload for your body so it can heal, regenerate and operate at maximum capacity. It’s more than a weight-loss tool, and it isn’t just about becoming vegan. “Doing the cleanse for 21 days gives the body a chance to do the deeper work of processing and releasing stored toxins, extra fat and waste that has accumulated over the years,” Freston says.

Considering a detox?

“Anyone who wants to create a shift, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, in their life should try the detox,” says Freston. “The founders of Western medicine all recommended cleansing and fasting as a means of preventing and even curing disease.” Oprah said that she’s giving it a whirl to become a more conscious eater and to find out what kinds of attachments she may have to certain foods. Freston says that once you’re done, in addition to losing a few pounds, “your skin and eyes will probably be clearer and brighter and you will have a whole lot more energy than when you started!”

What to expect
Everyone reacts differently to new diet plans, so before you start any detox program, consult with your doctor. Freston says, “The first few days you might feel sluggish as your body’s energy goes to work at detoxing. You might also feel cranky that you aren’t having your favorite foods.” But Oprah blogged on her Web site that she was still loving it toward the end of week one. She wrote: “I’m ever more surprised at how I don’t miss anything, and feel so satisfied at every meal.” Freston says that you’ll be even more satisfied going into the second week because you’ll start craving healthier foods and feel clearer and lighter than you have been for a very long time.


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