Contrary to previous reports, Pamela Anderson is not a child abuser and the little girl who carried her train for her at the Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday was thrilled to do so, reports

Nine-year-old Adelaide Gault is the daughter of Sharon Gault, Pamela’s make-up artist who also attended the event and said Adelaide loved being “Pam’s accessory!”

After allegations were made that the child was being abused by carrying Pamela’s dress, Pam’s booking agent said it was “totally absurd.”

Dr. Joanne Demore, a child and adolescent psychotherapist in Florida, said, “If the child wanted to and the mom approved, then it’s not child abuse.”

She added, “What 9-year-old girl would not love to [be on the red carpet]?”

Pam reportedly arrived at 6:30 pm and left with Adelaide by 9 pm.

Sounds like it was just suppose to be a night of Hollywood fun for a little girl.

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