The Time Traveler’s WifeEric Bana plays a man afflicted with a genetic disorder that causes him to leap through time, and Rachel McAdams is his harried wife. A slipshod romance that never quite catches traction, you get the feeling the filmmakers left a heck of a lot of important details from the book off the table. Aside from a couple featurettes, the disc is light on extras. The Blu-ray includes a digital copy of the movie.

Black Dynamite – An overlooked gem of an exploitation satire, in the vein of Undercover Brother, stars Michael Jai White as a Shaft/Superfly-like private detective who raises hell on the man. The film is funny and action-packed, and all the more enjoyable because of the straight delivery of everyone involved, buoyed by a stellar performance from White. The Blu-ray overthrows with special features, including commentary, deleted and alternate scenes and a look at the movie’s appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Cabin Fever Blu-ray – Director Eli Roth’s hilarious 2002 horror comedy is responsible for launching his career, which so far has been unable to live up to the promise he showed here. Rider Strong and Jordan Ladd play a couple of a group of recent college grads who go on an ill-advised cabin expedition that puts them in the middle of a flesh-eating virus. The disc comes with an unrated director’s cut and most of the same features from the already-loaded DVD, plus a newly recorded commentary.

Good Hair Chris Rock narrates and stars in a documentary about the beauty and cultural influence of black hair styles. It’s a funny, entertaining investigation that pulls no punches and treads on some racially sensitive areas, ending up as a valuable must-see for even those with little interest in style and fashion. The lone worthwhile extra is Rock’s commentary.

Phil Villarreal’s humorous money-saving book, Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel, is available on Amazon.

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