Susie Essman and Larry David himself confirm to OK! what we already knew, Curb Your Enthusiasm would be the best job to have!

At the First Annual Challenge to Benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Cancer Research Programs held in Pacific Palisades, Calif., OK! caught up with Larry and asked him about his golf game. “I need to improve on everything. There’s not one aspect of my game that doesn’t need improving,” he said. “I need to improve on my etiquette because I tend to talk while other people are hitting. I jingle change in my pocket.”

He added, “I walk in lines. I don’t get that walking in the line bit. People are so stupid. Big deal. Oh, you walked in my line! Do you get this line stuff? It’s infuriating.”

Although when asked who makes him laugh he responded, “It’s none of your business!”

Meanwhile in New York City co-star Susie Essman noted that, well, she makes him laugh. At the Scleroderma Research Foundation event she said her famous curse-filled rants really crack Larry up: “Larry is a masochist — every time I yell and scream at him he gets hysterical laughing, so we have to do take after take, after take, after take. Even the 10th take when I’m yelling and screaming at him he’s still laughing; he loves to be yelled at. So it’s just fun — by the end of the day I’m hoarse, but my muscles are all relaxed. It’s cathartic.”

She added, “It is the most fun job you can ever imagine having in your whole life.”

That is not a joke!



By Jocelyn Vena

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