The tragic story of Jennifer Hudson‘s slain family members, including brother Jason Hudson and mother Darnell Donerson, is about to take another sad turn:

On Monday, the Chicago Police confirmed the family’s worst nightmare: That the body of a young boy found inside an SUV is indeed Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew, Julian King. According to TMZ, the boy suffered at least one gunshot wound to the head, but an official cause of death has not been issued.

Police are reviewing surveillance tapes in the neighborhood where the SUV was found and are zeroing in on a timeline, although they say it is still unclear when the SUV showed up in the neighborhood with Julian’s body.


Police are currently calling William Balfour, Jennifer’s brother-in-law and Julian’s step-father, a "person of interest" but have not named anyone as an official suspect.


Earlier today, a top FBI official said the agency believed the body was Julian’s. At the time, Hudson was on her way to the medical examiner’s office to identify the body.


The 7-year-old son of the actress’ sister Julia has been missing since Friday, after the bodies of Jason and Darnell were found inside a Chicago home.


Chicago police said the body of a black male child was found shortly after 7 a.m. in the rear seat of an SUV. An autopsy was planned for Tuesday.


TMZ reports the body was inside a 1994 white Chevy Suburban, the same SUV owned by Jennifer’s murdered brother which was reported missing after he and Jennifer’s mother were shot dead last Friday.


Earlier today, FBI Deputy Director John Pistole said the body is "believed to be" Julian, according to reports.


William Balfour has been arrested, although no charges have been filed against him yet.


Jennifer and her family had offered a $100,000 reward for the safe return of Julian, and the actress had posted a plea for her nephew on MySpace.

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