Dozens of photographers trying to get a shot… Adoring fans screaming out his name in the middle of a scene… Minor technical difficulties and an understaffed crew… Considering all that could have gone wrong on the first day of shooting for Robert Pattinson‘s new film, Remember Me, things seemed to go pretty well on Monday. But that didn’t seem to stop the superstar from becoming more than a bit overwhelmed by it all.

"You could tell it was all starting to get to him, especially the hecklers," one on-set source reveals to OK!. "He’s been as friendly as possible to everyone; he even nicely brushed off a swarm of girls trying to get a picture with him, but after all the commotion, he needed to take a break for some personal time."

Indeed, at one point between takes, Rob walked off by himself for a breather. "He sat down by himself, put his head between his legs and took a few deep breaths," says the source. "But after that, it was right back to work — very professional."


Monday was only the first of more than 30 days of shooting for the film, almost all of which takes place in Manhattan. Later this week, the cast and crew will be moving indoors where they can hopefully get some more peace and quiet… so long as they don’t go out for lunch!

Reporting by Laura Lane

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