I’ve found a clothing line with a philosophy I can really relate to.
I was recently introduced to Junk Gyspy, an online store filled with finds from the females in the Sikes family – two sisters and a mom who travel about collecting gems from jewelry to clothing and home décor that they think should be rescued and sold to someone who will appreciate them. (http://www.gypsyville.com/)

They say “We believe in the journey, not the destination,” as they take roads less traveled to uncover treasures in places many shoppers wouldn’t normally look.

Like the Sikes, I’ve long said for me life is about enjoying the journey, not reaching the destination – because what happens if you spend your whole life just commuting, and then don’t even like the place you find yourself at the end?

Also like the Sikes, I’m fortunate to have a lot of things. The things are a combination of my shopping habit (not Confessions of a Shopaholic bad, just an art that I’m adept at), gift bags from parties etc.

All of this ‘stuff’ has allowed me to re-gift often, send packages home to friends and family and have products aplenty for houseguests. It’s also helped me discover new things –I’m newly obsessed with Mally make-up. I have, thanks to swag bags and samples I get sent, a vanity full of make-up at home that could rival the cosmetic section of a drug store, but the other day I was sent a bunch of Mally, that’s sold on QVC, and it’s a collection of all the colors I love in adorable portable packaging. Who would have thought of shopping on QVC for makeup?

But, I digress. Given all of my stuff, I’m giving others a chance to be like the Junk Gypsies and come over to my house for a friends swap – which in the recession era I think is a fun way to have an afternoon party.

For my stuff swap, I sent out the following email, with the attached photo of Miranda Lambert in Junk Gypsy:

Like the Jewish grandmother who just doesn’t know how to throw anything away,
and in the vein of ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure,’ I’m planning a Jewish Garage Sale party.

I’m cleaning out my closets and rather than throw away random products and accessories or give away clothes I’m just bored of (or won’t fit me no matter how long they hang in the closet), I think it would be fun to have a friend swap.

I’m sure many of you are like me and have more than tidily fits in the storage space of your home, so bring your things to my house, mark them $1 to $20 and lets trade things for nearly free with the proceeds going to an agreed upon charity.

For example, I was sent this darling Junk Gypsy tank top (as seen on Miranda Lambert) the other day – but there are certain places that a size small tank just doesn’t fit me 😉 Brand new, looking to go home with someone who will actually wear it 😉

Cheers 😉 xo

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