Katy Perry is anything but conventional, so when it comes to staying in shape, she bounces the treadmill in favor of jumping rope.

“Jumping rope and swimming will get you in top shape like that,” the I Kissed A Girl singer, 24, says. “Swimming will get you into shape without hurting anything on your body, but I just don’t like to be out in the sun necessarily, so I defer to jumping rope. I kind of look like Rocky.”

To unwind, she meditates, and the California girl relies on sister Angela, who is two years older, to stay focused. She calls out Freddie Mercury as her muse. “He’s the person who inspires me most.”

And when it comes to fashion, she isn’t a style snob.

“It doesn’t matter who makes it, where it comes from, whether it’s your grandmother’s closet or it’s a couture showroom,” Katy tells me. “If it looks good on you, wear it!”

Catch Katy Perry on tour this summer. Maybe she’ll show you her jump rope. 😉

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