Martina McBride enjoys giving fans a peek at her private life through Twitter.

“I discovered it two or three months ago, and it’s really fun,” Martina, 42, says. “I’m really enjoying it. I don’t try to overdo it. I check in a few times a day.”

Perhaps the country star will Tweet about singing her wedding song, I Just Call You Mine, at the nuptials of Kevin Jonas, who announced his engagement to Danielle Deleasa on July 1.

“I wouldn’t say we hang out and we’re really close friends, but we have connected quite a few times,” Martina says of her relationship with the Jonas Brothers. “They’re really serious about their music, really good kids. I got to meet their parents.”

Nick recently spent time in her Blackbird Studio, causing excitement for daughters Delaney, 14, Emma, 11, and Ava, 2, whose dad is hubby of 21 years John.

“We’re so happy that he came to record in the studio, and of course Delaney and Emma were very, very excited. John said right up front ‘I just want to tell you we will try for our daughters not to stalk you while you’re here.’ They actually did good. They ran into each other, but Delaney was very poised. It was great to have him there. Nice guy.”

Another thing she may Tweet about is her new wine line, which came together when they were checking out Blackbird Vineyards in Napa, Calif. “We stopped by and checked it out and really sat down with the owner over a glass a wine, and said ‘we have this name Blackbird Studio – it’s kind of a coincidence – we share this name, and if you ever wanted to do a signature wine, we’d love to do that. A year went by, and he called and said ‘this is the right time to do that.’ It’s really good.”

How would she describe her wine?

“I’m not a very good wine speaker, but it’s really a lot of fruit. It’s a cabernet. It’s a blend of cab and merlot and some other kind of wines. I love it because it has a little bit of chocolate. It’s just a little bit sweet. Lots of jam. It’ll be fruit-forward.”



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