Reports are surfacing out of the Middle East that globe-hopping super-parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are purchasing an island off the coast of the small nation of Dubai.

According to the reports, Brangelina are buying a small man-made island in a new devlopment called “The World,” where the enviro-friendly couple intends to showcase ecological issues with their reclaimed plot of sand. Making matters even more interesting, the island in question is reportedly in the shape of Ethopia, the African country where their daughter Zahara was born.

So is there any truth to this tale? Despite Brad’s rep telling OK! that the item is not true, the reporter who first broke the story is standing by his work. “I am quite confident of the information I received that they are buying this island,” Emirates Today‘s Ashaba K Abdul Basti told OK! when asked of Brangelina’s real estate plans.

A senior level manager at the real estate developer Nakheel, based in Dubai, told Basti about the couple’s charitable plans. “I have worked with this source a long time and he is reliable,” said Basti.

He added, “I called Nakheel’s public relations department and they wouldn’t comment on the deal. Usually, if something is not correct, they will say it, so the ‘no comment’ tells me that they were just told they couldn’t talk about the purchase,” he added.

If this report is true their neighbors could include the likes of rocker Rod Stewart and billionaire Richard Branson. The islands of The World will only be reachable by boat/helicopter, promoting privacy, and wealthy celebrities are the developer’s target audience. A similar project called The Palm (which, you probably guessed, is shaped like a palm tree) will reportedly also play island getaway to David and Victoria Beckham.

Does this mean that Brad, Angelina and the kids are ready to settle down on their own private island? It’s a good way to avoid the paparazzi!

By Jocelyn Vena

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