Seen here in her 2005 mugshot for possession of marijuana, tales of Hailey Glassman‘s wild college days have been flying out of the woodwork after she was seen in St. Tropez with father of eight, Jon Gosselin — including a particularly hedonistic report from someone claiming to have known her back in the day.

The Superficial quotes a source who had plenty of juicy stories to tell about Hailey’s life at Indiana University her freshman year.

“Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds.When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word…’coke diet!’ the source claims in the story, adding that after spring break the next year she told some “crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team.”

“When push came to shove….she spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then qb Blake Powers…” alleges the source. ” The girl started out sweet but got consumed with the drugs, those kids better watch out before there daddy gets addicted to nose candy.”

Ah, kids these days!

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