It seems that Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans is taking his break-up with Sienna Miller pretty hard.

A friend of the heart-broken Welshman told Britain’s Sun newspaper that he spent the week moping in a bar, sending endless text messages begging her to take him back.

On Wednesday it emerged that Sienna had ended her year-long relationship with Rhys because he was jealous of her ex.

Apparently the Alfie star, 26, had dumped the 39-year-old actor over the phone from a film set in Prague because she was tired of him getting jealous about her spending time with her old flame, Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Rhys.

"He’s taken the break-up really badly," the source told the paper. "He’s spent the week in the pub texting Sienna – begging her to change her mind."

Sienna is said to be furious about his pestering messages and is now ignoring him altogether.

He rep has not responded to requests for a comment.

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