Sorry Kim Kardashian, you’re about to be overthrown! Fellow sexy A-lister Rihanna is planning on putting Kim’s curves to shame!

Rihanna’s BFF, Melissa Forde, who often can be seen taking stunning photos of the singer and posting them on her Instagram page, is planning on a “super-sexy photo book of the singer,” a source told exclusively. And it will make Kim’s Selfie book, and her own nudes, look pale in comparison!

An insider added, “Melissa’s the only one Rihanna would trust to take these photos and they are hot, hot, hot. Melissa’s wanted to do a photographic ‘study’ of nudity for years and who better to be her prime model that one of the sexiest women in the world?”

And their theme is vintage nudes! That shouldn’t be too hard for Rihanna, who is known for her ever-changing fashion and love for different unique looks. “They’re having a lot of fun with it, even drawing on all kinds of vintage porn for inspiration,” added the source.

But while it will rival Kim’s book, they’ll still have their limits! “They don’t want it to be cringe-worthy like Madonna’s ‘Sex’ book, instead it will be an urban modern-day take on various eras in fashion, from the 30s to the 70s,” said the insider.

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