Talk about a bummer!

Ryan Reynolds thought his teenage dreams were coming true when he was cast opposite Julia Roberts in Fireflies in the Garden. But his bubble soon burst when he found out the context of their roles.

“I was so excited until I found out the scenes I have with her are when she’s playing my mother,” he tells “I was like, ‘Couldn’t we have a hot romance instead?’"

Unfortunately, a steamy celluloid love was not meant to be, and 31-year-old Ryan — who’s only nine years younger than Julia — had to break the depressing news to his buddies too.

"It’s so sad," he says. "I have to tell my friends that I’m getting to act with the old Julia Roberts.”

But no matter who she’s playing, the Oscar winner still left Ryan very much impressed with her skills. “She’s iconic for a very good reason. It’s just so smooth, how she comes to the set and how she works. It looks incredibly effortless. She’s just a classy lady.”

Fireflies in the Garden will hit theaters later this year, but before then, Ryan, who’s dating Scarlett Johansson, has his romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe opening on Valentine’s Day, in which he recounts his past romances for his daughter (Abigail Breslin) in order to find his true love. So has that taught him anything about what women want?

"Are you crazy?” he says. “How would I ever know that? I would need some serious alone time, some face time with you to get into that.”

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