Scott Wolf, 39, and wife Kelley, 31, hope to start a family very soon.

“I love kids,” Scott tells me. “Since I was a kid, I’ve thought I can’t wait to be a dad. To know that my kids get to have my wife as their mom is the greatest thing ever. We’re excited to get started.”

What does he love about being married?

“I’m married to a really incredible woman, so I like everything about it. She helps me find my wallet, which is helpful. I seemed to do okay before I was married, but as soon as you get married, you seem to forget where you put all your stuff. It’s the greatest to have somebody who is a best friend and a partner and a companion and a lover all mixed into the same person. To love everything about her is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

The couple, who live in Park City, Utah, tease each other about polygamy. “I’m trying to convince my wife that ‘when in Rome’… she said it’s fine as long as she can have more than one husband. That’s where the conversation ends usually.”

Scott and Kelley married in 2004.

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