Margaret Cho is not a shy woman.


Believe us when we say the phrase "too much information" means absolutely nothing to her.

In a darkened corner of a party at New York City’s Le Royale to celebrate the launch of her new VH1 series, The Cho Show, the comedian left OK!‘s Oliver Coleman blushing with, em, vivid tales of cosmetic procedures we never knew existed (and still aren’t sure we believe are possible!).

On the show, which Margaret says is a blend of a reality show and a sitcom, she promised us she’s even more unabashed, even treating the viewing public to a nice long close up of a certain body part that even she had never seen before.

So it’s all the more sweet when the San Fransisco native tells us there’s one thing she won’t share with the cameras, her husband, Al Ridenour.

He’s not in the show at all, we asked (while desperately trying to put the whole bleaching thing out of our minds!).


"No," said Margaret, "because I want to stay married."

Apparently the couple didn’t want to run the risk of their marriage to become another victim of reality TV,  a la Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson of The Newlyweds failed fame.

"I just love him, so I don’t want to have to put anybody through that," Margaret told us.
"He’s not an actor, he’s not an on-camera person, he’s a visual artist, sculptor, painter and a filmmaker, and he’s not comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t want to put our relationship under that kind of scrutiny. That to me is very awkward."

But her long-suffering mom and dad are another matter altogether.


For the Korean-American, who has regaled her stand-up audiences with tales of Mr. and Mrs. Cho for years, they were just too funny to leave out, whether they liked it or not!

"Well, I told them they had to do it because it was either this or assisted living, and they said, ‘alright’," Margaret declared.

"They have to do everything I say now, because they’re at the age now where they need me. I have a lot of leverage."

She may be joking.

The Cho Show premieres on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 11 p.m. on VH1.


You’ve been warned.

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