Scoot-E-Bike by Raytroniks set a record for the most sales of the “must have” celebrity toy for Xmas sales in December, has learned exclusively.

Ray J, CEO and owner of Scoot-E-Bike, set a record with 600 units sold from BlackFriday through today. Kids and adults all wanted to have this item under their tree. And they go for $1,200 each!

Raytroniks is slowing starting to become an A-list brand.

“Who knows if we have the next Beats By Dre on our hands,” his manager David Weintraub told “Ray J has built this brand all on his own with his own money and zero from investors. It’s pretty amazing that after he masterminded the television business that he is able to make this product really move and sell all over the world.”

Ray J has had such a financially booming year he is now even charting his own private jets and flying from meeting to meeting to sell his product.

Raytroniks will be coming out with two new bikes for consumers this year which will be the Beatles state of the art ScootEBikes for all of your scooter riding needs.

His manager added: “Dr. Dre. and Jay-Z need to keep an eye of Ray as they may need to buy his company next year.”

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