Some superfans are willing to spend millions to own anything related to their favorite celebrities — and we mean anything! PopEater found the outrageous prices that some weird celebrity items sold for at auction. You won’t believe what a fan was willing to pay for Britney Spears‘ umbrella!

Justin Timberlake sold his leftover french toast on eBay and a fan bought it for $3,154. The winner said, “I’ll probably freeze-dry it, then seal it… then put it on my dresser.” Gross!

Clippings of Elvis Presley‘s hair — cut in 1958 to join the army — sold at a Chicago auction for $15,000 — an actual decrease from a 2002 auction of his hair that sold for close to $115,000.

Marilyn Monroe‘s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress sold at a 1999 auction for $1,267,500.

And who can forget the famous umbrella smashing scene when Britney went crazy on a car? That umbrella was put on eBay starting for $25,000. It was later taken down by the site, but bids were well exceeding that price!

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