It seems that stardom isn’t what Susan Boyle might have hoped it would be.

Instead of swanning about at the Ritz with an entourage, the Britain’s Got Talent star is now holed up in a "safe house" with one close friend until the finale on Saturday.
According to the BBC, the YouTube phenomenon — who has reportedly had two public "foul-mouthed" outbursts in the last few days — is there to escape from the pressure of her sudden international stardom.

BGT judge Piers Morgan has said that the singer has been "distraught" about the headlines that have branded her as an aggressive sore loser after she was said to have "launch a four-letter tirade" when the judges praised her rival on the show, 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi.

He even revealed that Susan had "packed her bags" and was ready to quit the show because of all the bad press.

"She just didn’t see the point of continuing if every time she picked up the newspapers there was another avalanche of abuse," he told the BBC’s Five Live radio station.

A psychologist who has worked on other reality TV shows has even called for her to be removed from the competition because of the effect it is having on her.

"If Britain’s Got Talent was an experiment in any university we would have to draw a line on that experiment because ethically we would be putting the person at the heart of that experiment through emotional turmoil," said Professor David Wilson.


Hang in there Susan. We can’t wait to see you on Saturday’s finale!


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