If Cupid is on our side, Taylor Swift will be writing a song for her new romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day.” Director Garry Marshal told E! Online that Taylor will most likely be performing a tune for the star-studded rom-com.

The ensemble film, which includes about a dozen A-list names, has Taylor playing opposite Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner. Garry was hoping for more Taylor vs. Taylor action, but their schedules didn’t allow them to have big appearances in the film.

“She writes songs and sings and he does the vampire thing,” Marshall said. “But I discovered Taylor Lautner ran track back in Minnesota. That’s why I have him jumping hurdles in the movie. She likes to dance and he likes to jump a hurdle, so we made up the scene for them.”

Garry hopes Taylor will write a song for the movie, “But when people write songs, they always want to see the movie. [Taylor] wants to see the part she’s in. I just finished, so I need to edit for a second.”

Watching herself and Taylor on the big screen may just be all the inspiration she needs to write a new “Love Story” for the new love flick.

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