Farrah Abraham‘s new business is coming along, but it’s taking a toll on her relationships!

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom OG, Farrah and her on-again-off-again Simon Saran continue to prep the upcoming cafe, Froco. “If you have an issue helping me, then don’t help,” Farrah tells him, to which he replies, “I don’t have an issue helping I’m just saying.” Farrah fires back, “Then get out of my way!”

Clearly annoyed, Farrah bashes him saying, “You act like you’re Mr. Home [Economics] and you can’t listen to what I have said, it’s like, it’s not hard.” Adding, “I said what I said and you can’t help, that’s a problem, that’s a serve problem. If one of my employees act like that, then they would be fired.”

Even though the two have yet to get engaged, or married, Farrah dropped a major relationship bombshell on him! “Seriously try getting married and not being helpful to your wife, that’s a divorce…good luck,” she fired at him.

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