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Do you remember Cameron Diaz‘s raunchy, hilarious movie Bad Teacher? It’s been adapted into a TV show starring Ari Graynor, and it premieres tonight at 9:30/8:30c on CBS. Sara Rodier, 14, plays the girl who unfortunately has to deal with the disastrous teacher at home and at school. She spilled on working with Ari and whether she’s ever actually seen the dirty original film!

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OK!: Who is your character on the show?

Sara Rodier: My character is Lilly, and she’s a smart, awkward-type person who is a student at the school, in [teacher] Meredith’s classroom. Meredith lives with her, and because they live together they have a special relationship aside from just school.

OK!: What is the most fun part about playing her?

SR: She’s such an interesting character. She’s really great because she’s very confident with herself, and she loves who she is, and it’s nice playing this kind of person.

OK!: Do you think you’re like her at all?

SR: I wouldn’t say we’re exactly alike, I just feel that we both have had social bullying problems that I’m sure other kids have gone through. I can relate there.

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OK!: Will [bullying] be a big part of the plot for you on the show?

SR: It’s not bullying. She is the captain of the safety patrol, and she sticks to that group and takes it really seriously. She doesn’t really fit in with the popular kids. Meredith gives her advice on certain situations.

OK!: Who is the funniest person on set?

SR: The whole cast is funny. There’s no one that I would say is funnier. Not only their characters, but their personalities are hilarious as well.

OK!: Did you ever get to see the original movie, because it’s kind of dirty! When it came out, you were probably too young to see it.

SR: My parents won’t let me see it, but I’m going to see it somehow. I’m going to either go to a friend’s house to watch it, or convince them somehow to let me watch it.

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OK!: What was it like to audition for this? Did you audition with Ari?

SR: Before the first screen test, we had a work session with Ari. She played her part, I played mine, and I got to see what it was like working with her. When I first met her, it was exciting because she’s so great. I love her.

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OK!: What is your favorite funny movie or TV show?

SR: My favorite funny movie is Mean Girls. My favorite TV show… I don’t watch many comedies. I watch a lot of dramatic things. I like Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars, and this new show called The 100. I like that, too. I love being on a comedy show. The script is so funny.

OK!: Is it hard to be funny?

SR: [laughs] Well. It’s not hard to be funny. it’s all about the timing, and the way you say the lines. Anybody can say a line, but it won’t always come out funny. What I feel is most important about comedy is working on the timing. That’s what gets the laughs.

OK!: Is there somebody out there whose career you’d love to have some day?

SR: My favorite is Jennifer Lawrence. She’s in my favorite series, The Hunger Games, and I thnk she’s really good at being funny and dramatic. She took on the character perfectly, just like I imagined her to be when I read the books.

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