A phrase I dislike more than most I hear on a regular basis is “It’s not fair.” A lot of things aren’t fair, but they are the way they are and we’d be better served finding ways around them than grumbling that they’re unfair. That said, a situation where even I think it applies is health. My 29-year-old sister has been sick for quite a while. It’s not fair. Today I met Stephanie Robin at a Passion for Pink luncheon hosted in her honor by Cheryl Hines at a Silver Spoon luxury suite in Beverly Hills. It was one of several parties this month in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness and besides hitting home that the disease can affect any of us, I was inspired by how Stephanie was one of the funniest, fun to be around, warmest, easygoing, positive and inspirational people I’ve met in recent memory – who freely admitted during her speech that Tori Spelling was making her starstruck. Tori blushed and offered to go home to Boca Raton with her.

I’m sure she has her days, but today Stephanie, who’s fighting her fourth bout with cancer – in addition to a host of other ailments – stood in front of a few dozen women giving advice that even the healthiest person should take to heart. One of my favorite quotes was, " Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass- its about learning to dance in the rain."


Also props to Silver Spoon girls Melissa Lemer and Lorena Bendinskas who regularly host the Silver Spoon Buffet (luxury gifting aka swag suites) pre-awards shows. This season, pre-Emmys, in addition to hosting the lunch, they’ve themed their whole venue with pink products, from pink Hoopdelite hoolahoops, pink Panasonic cameras, pink-covered 20th Century Fox DVD collections, pink pajamas and undies from Spreegirl, pink cupcakes, wine, nail polishes and lipsticks, Rose’s Passion Mojito Cocktails (Lo Bosworth from The Hills was sipping one of these) and Yatult probiotic drinks – basically like drinking melted Pinkberry through a straw. Tori took home a years supply!

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